Vintage Printable Weekly Planner/Checklist/Tasklist

Hello, everybody! Today’s post is a short one, but I wanted to quickly share with you a weekly planner I made.

I struggle with procrastination and I found out that if I write down what I have or want to do, I accomplish more than 50% of the things I want to actually do.

I used to write down and plan my week (usually on Sundays) on a simple paper, but lately I find it too boring… just white like that. So I decided to make a simple, yet cute vintage planner. Maybe this will get my creative juices flowing!

I inserted only 5 bullet points, just because I think that if you can accomplish 3 main tasks and 2 secondary ones in a day you would/should be satisfied.

It has a vintage feel, just because that was my mood today 😀

I hope you will like, and if you do, maybe I’ll make more! 🙂

planner planner1

PDF version

Credit for the borders goes to Designs By Miss Mandee.

Lots of love,



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