Top 5 Transition/Blending Neutral Eyeshadows


In today’s post I want to talk a little about my favorite eyeshadows for blending. I’ve narrowed it down to 5, neutral, some on the cooler side, some on the warmer. Let’s jump right into it!


In no particular order…

214 from Kiko Cosmetics is a cool tone neutral sandy pinky beige. I love trowing this in the crease when I feel like using colors which are on the cool side. But also when I want an everyday no-makeup makeup. And because it’s very light, it’s good for people with fair skin like mine.

Peach smoothie from Makeup Geek is still a lighter neutral, but more on the warmer side. I love putting this in the crease and combine it with Creme brulee from Makeup Geek to give more depth to the eye look.  They both look good all by themselves, but Creme brulee is a little too dark for my fair skin, so I like to mix it with Peach smoothie to get the perfect transition shade.

Beaches and cream from Makeup Geek can be used all by itself and it will give a beautiful, effortless look in no time. I think it works with both cooler and warmer shades. I like using it when I’m not sure what colors to use next.

Last, but not least, Latte from Makeup Geek. It’s quite on the cooler side and I like using it on people that are a shade or two darker than mine. I also like using it when I do a colorful eye look.

These are all, yes, Makeup Geek outnumbered everything. But I really love them!

I hope you give them a try, they’re very good, stay put and are easy to blend!

Take care, lots of love,



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