Long time no update

And I’m sorry for that!

But life got in the way… I got a job and I’ve not been feeling very good lately.

But I want to keep blogging and do makeup and cosmetics and DIY things and everything I like!

This small post will be something more like a confession post, because I haven’t prepared anything, but to say that I will be back starting from next week and I will try to update the blog at least once a week.

I really don’t like this situation where I don’t have time to do what I really love. I don’t have time to post, to do photoshoots… And I don’t know what to do… because, to be honest.. the job I got… I don’t like it. It’s not difficult, but it’s not my cup of tea. It doesn’t bring any joy to my heart.

And it’s not okay to have a job that you don’t love just because of the “I have to do something until I get the dream job” mindset. It doesn’t really work like that, because you’re gonna get stuck in this situation where you don’t have time, not even to start looking for your dream job and you end up being old and look back with regret and sorrow.

I don’t want that and I don’t know what to do. The thing is that there are little to no opportunities here in my city. And I’m thinking of going abroad again. This time with my husband (hope so).

Anyway… no matter what, I will update this blog as often as I can. I even think of getting my own domain. We’ll see about that 😀

I hope you’re doing great and I’ll see you next week!

Lot of love,



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