Welcome back!

Hello, everybody and welcome back! Welcome back to us both, because I’ve been missing for a while… I’ve been busy getting married!!! 😀

I was planning to post on Tuesday, but since my husband is working tonight, I decided to catch up with you today 😀

I don’t have anything special planned for today’s post, I don’t even know what title to put :))) but I’ll go with my flow. I’ll tell you about my wedding… it was beautiful, much more beautiful than I expected. We had so much fun and, surprisingly, I danced all night long. I don’t usually dance, not really a party animal XD

I don’t have many pictures from the wedding yet, mostly because we still have to make the trash the dress session, and I want them all together, but my friend, Cristina, sent me a couple of pictures, so today I’ll show you my bouquet and my dress only… and my husband haha

11747504_10155767111180487_1652020318_o 11743623_10155767071895487_1643291092_o
I wore the veil only at the church because I didn’t like that every time I danced with someone or took pictures, they touched my back and pull off my veil little by little. It wasn’t that comfortable, so I preferred staying without it throughout the night.

I guess that’s it for today, since I don’t have any more footage to show you. I’ll be back next week with a much more interesting post!

Thank you, lots of love,



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