What I Take With Me on Shoots


Hello, everybody! Today’s post is about the products that I take with me when I have photoshoots.

Before diving into enumerating and explaining why I take certain products, let me tell you that, from my experience and from what I learned from following other make-up artists, such as Charlotte Tilbury, Lisa Eldridge, Val Garland and co, is that more is more. It’s better to have with you more products, even if you don’t use some, than not having what you need! You get it! 😉

Without further ado…. I always take 2 types of foundation for different skin types and in at least 2 different colors. For concealers, I go with a pink toned one and a yellow one, liquid and cream.

I also have powder and cream blushes and powder bronzers. For contouring and highlighting, I usually use eyeshadows and, sometimes, a highlighter I made. To set the make-up, a powder. (not much left to the imagination haha)

I take eyebrow pencils in different shades. And a lot of eyeshadow palettes and individuals. Also, powder and cream eyeshadows. Black eyeliner is a must, gel and liquid. And a lot of eye-pencils in a lot of different colors.

For mascara, I go with the classical black, mostly for volume and waterproof and different colors. I usually take only individual false lashes.

Lipsticks and lip-pencils in different colors and textures and a clear lip gloss.
Above, just a fraction of my kit. 🙂

Beside make-up, I have moisturizers for different skin types, eye-creams, lip balms, and a mist, as well for different skin types.

Make-up remover wipes, just to clean make-up off my hands afterwards, cotton buds, cleanser and cotton pads. Comes in handy to have scotch tape, hairspray, tissues and a lotion to spot-clean my brushes.

I like to spray my wrists with a perfume that is not too fresh nor too floral, or with some lavender essential oil.

And besides brushes and eye lash curler, which I forgot to mention, I think that’s it!

I hope you enjoy this post and maybe learned something new. 🙂

Lots of love,


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