Update! Less Than a Month Until my Wedding


Hello, everybody! I figured, since is less than a month until my wedding day, to share with you what we did so far, what we have to do etc.

We’ve got our rings in March or April. They’re made of white and yellow gold and quite delicate, not too big, only 5mm.

I’ve got my wedding dress about a month ago and it’s custom made after a Natalia Vasiliev one. Only yesterday I got the shoes, they are peep toe sandals and they’re neither beige, nor white, but either pinkish… something in between. Very pretty.

He got his suit today! I haven’t see it yet!! >>’ But I trust him, I know it’s pretty!

We picked the cake and ordered it. The last layer it’s gonna be blue, so the bouquet will have blue hydrangea and other pastel colored flowers. This coordination of blue cake and blue flowers was a coincidence! Because my god-mother will make the bouquet and when she asked my opinion on it, she didn’t know that the cake will be blue.

I kinda picked the flower arrangements. Kinda, because I’m still debating if to use a vase or a cute jar.

We’ve printed the invitations and sent them. I’ve also changed just a tiny bit the colors.

I’ve dyed and cut my hair. Also, made an appointment at the hair dresser. The hairstyle I want is the Valentino Haute-couture SS15 one, and I already gave it a try when we had our engagement shoot last week. Sneak peak!
FB_IMG_1434108781798Photos are taken by my friend, who’s gonna be the photographer at our wedding, Cristina Venedict.

Next week I’m gonna go and get my eyebrows done. Because I can’t do neither my eyebrows, nor wax myself… myeah!

I think that’s about all we did, maybe I’m forgetting something… because it’s a lot of planning and, to be honest, the stress starts to get closer with every minute. :)))

Starting this upcoming week, I will be posting makeup looks every week until my wedding, because, anyway, I have to try a lot in order to make my mind for how and what I’ll wear on my face. And I will be sharing it with you. Maybe you’ll like it, and try it yourself as well! 😀

Also, I’ve finally made a Facebook page! Please, like it! 🙂

That’s all for today, I hope you enjoyed it.

Good luck with your planning! Lots of love,



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