My Workout Routine – get fit in time for the wedding


Today is all about sports! What I do to get fit, to feel and look better.

Sounds so cheesy, right? But it’s true.  When I workout I feel so optimistic, good about myself and others. I send and receive (well, I choose to receive) only good vibes. And it’s not only about looking toned and fit, my skin also looks healthy and glowing.  A lot of reasons to workout!

I used to go to the gym, and I’ll go again in the future, but for now, I work at home. I do yoga, pilates and fitness and sometimes a little bit of cardio.

I started doing yoga at the beginning of the year, and the first 2-3 sessions I found it so boring! But, in time, I grew fond of it. That happened when I stumbled upon Yoga with Adrienne‘s  30 days of yoga challenge . Now, after I finished the challenge, I still do yoga “with” her. Sometimes I do it without  following a video, but I find that I’m more motivated when I have a video playing in the background. Now, I mostly do yoga for detox and digestion.

I started doing pilates a couple of years ago, also with the help of Youtube. Back then I used to follow  several  videos for weight loss and balance from BeFit, almost all of them from Denise Austin. Now I do the 30 days Pilates Challenge from Center Space Pilates and Health.

I like that both yoga and pilates  helps with my balance, strength and  concentration and  loseing weight  and getting a lean and fit body.

I do yoga and pilates in the morning, after I have my coffee and breakfast. The workout varies from half an hour to 45 minutes, depends on which day I am on the challenge. After that I do a little bit of Rebecca Louise’s 25 minutes intermediate flat belly workout or another workout from her new channel, or something from Blogilates.

I finish with 100 squats.

Some days, depending on what I’m eating, I will do 5-10 minutes of fitness 2 hours before I go to bed as well.

To keep me motivated I made a workout calendar where I mark the days in which I practice. I workout 6 days out of 7.

I feel good when I do sport! It helped me improve my posture, feel better and look better. I think that if I add in a diet for a couple of weeks, I’ll see great results on my belly too. But since I’m a foodie… it’s hard to get rid of belly fat. 😀 Maybe, as the wedding approaches I’ll panic and start to get rid of cakes and eat healthier haha! I drink a lot of natural, fresh, made-at-home juices, but I feel like it’s not enough. I’m not overweight or something, actually people tell me that I’m very skinny, but I don’t like the belly fat. And I want to make workout and eating healthy a lifestyle.

Abs are made in the kitchen? Yes, no, perhaps!

What I like about working out at home and doing yoga, pilates and fitness using only your body is that you don’t need expensive, heavy equipment to get you where you need. Maybe it will take longer, but time will pass anyway, so if you don’t mind enjoying a slower trip, the at-home-workout is for you too!

That’s it for today. Lot’s of love,



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