School of Beauty Blogging by L’oreal Paris Romania!

Hey, guys! Today’s post is just a quick notice of something I found out a few seconds ago!

L’oreal Paris Romania is holding a school of beauty blogging! The best of the best from the industry (here in Romania) will gather and will teach the applicants which will be selected how to become better at blogging about styling, make-up, video and photography!

They provide a unique chance to learn from the pros! And!, besides the fact that is free, you can win some amazing prizes such as photoshoots, make-up courses, and much more. Finishing with the grand prize, internship at ELLE Romania, assisting Alexandru Abagiu at a beauty photoshoot for an editorial, a training from Google and a Samsung Galaxy S6 phone!

So, if you’re from Romania, give it a try. I, for sure, know I will!

Here is the link where you can apply.

Lots of love,


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