Best Thing I’ve Done for My Skin


Hello, beauties! Today I want to talk about the best thing I’ve done for my skin so far. As you may know, if you’ve read my previous posts, I did a skin fast, meaning no moisturizer, no makeup, no harsh cleansers for 21 days.

I kept you updated with the progress for the first 2 weeks, but I haven’t told you how I feel after I ended it.

First, I have to say that I’ve been sick for 2 weeks during this fast (and after that), the second and the third week, and my skin definitely “felt” that. Dry and achy around my nose and upper lip, mostly because I had to blow my nose so many times… So March was compromised for me because of that…

I started the fast on the first of March and should have ended it on 21. Which I planned to do, but I had no power to re-plan and retake my morning and night routine. So, I prolonged this detoxification until 6 of April. During this period I still used the facial toner and oil I made.

I started to slowly give up the detox  program using a gentle scrub made of coffee.  Until then I didn’t really like how my skin was looking… the red spots on my chin were showing up more than ever, I had dry patches around my nose and felt like I could use some serious peeling.  But after I massaged my skin with this scrub for a minute or so, my skin was so smooth, looking so fresh and bright like it didn’t look in a long time. Days passed and it’s still looking smooth and plumped and fresh and good! Makeup goes on better now!!

I still have the red spots on my chin, which I’m trying to get rid of  with lemon juice and 2 a little bit unconventional creams… So far, so good.

Here’s how my skin is looking at the moment.

POMELO_20150413142018_fast POMELO_20150413142028_fast

I will slowly go back to moisturizers and cleansers, but I will also try to make them by my own. I already found some good receipts! 😀

Also, I will take the skin fast at least twice per year from now on. I think you can only benefit from this! I highly recommend it.

That’s all for today, have a great day!

Lots of love,



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