Color Scheme For Your Wedding


It’s difficult to choose the colors for your wedding, right? I know I have quite a few problems…

So many beautiful palettes to choose from. The web is full of inspiration and you like them all! Sounds familiar?

I’m here to help! I have some tips for you that might help with picking the color or color scheme for your big day!

1. Think about in which season is your wedding and start looking at landscapes from that season. Nature is flawless and all the colors blend together beautiful! Just look at it. And Google is your friend! On Pinterest are so many boards with seasons! Like this or this and many others.

2. Revolve the scheme around the color of your favorite flower. I’m sure we all have a favorite flower, which also may have different colors. Make a bouquet of it, see how it blends, if it’s pleasant to the eye and go for it.

3. Sunset or Sunrise. Are you a sunset gal or a sunrise one? You’ve probably seen some sunsets and sunrises by now and know how beautiful they are and what surreal colors they have!

4. Your favorite color! All the main colors have tints and shades. A tint results when you “add” white, therefore is lighter; and a shade results when you “add” black and so you get a darker color. Simply get some painting tools like those you had when you were a child and play with colors. In this way you’ll get a palette that can be used on your wedding day! 😀

5. Custom made schemes from all the above! If you’re short on time or simply are not into putting so much work for the palette, there are people who create color scheme for us to use! Design seeds is my favorite, because they custom make color schemes from pictures. As the brain behind the website, Jessica, says “I do not use color droppers or color software“, so it’s much more interesting that way!
Color Collective is similar and shares the same philosophy as Design seeds.

And that’s it for my tips! I hope you find them useful and they helped you!
I’ll talk to you soon! Lots of love,


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