My Wedding Invitation!


Hello, everybody! I’m still sick, buuuuut I finished my wedding invitation!!!

Well, I finished it last week, when I was feeling like crap from this cold, but I forced myself into doing something, anything, so I thought “why not making another invitation?”

It’s quite simple, different from what I made before, but that’s how I felt at that moment. And I like it! My fiance likes it too!
Untitled-17-finalThis is like a template for you to see it, I removed the locations, hours and Godparents names. Also, it’s in Romanian.

The color palette I used for it, and which I will be using for the entire wedding, is this one from Design Seeds.

I decided to go with pastels and soft colors because the venue is quite dark and I want to bring some life and light to it somehow.

-I’m browsing through Design Seeds again, and I might change my mind  and use other colors! Just kidding! But, who knows…

And the image at the top is the back of the invitation. Simple, just our acronyms into a heart. I love it how our acronyms form the word art!

In an upcoming post I will list all my resources for PS.

If you want to see more wedding invitation designs, or just design in general, or if you have any request, let me know! 🙂

That’s it for today. Lots of love,


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