Makeup – My Work

Hello, everybody! For today’s post was planned the DIY oil “serum”, but since I was very sick this week, I didn’t have time to take pictures and prepare anything. So instead, I thought why not share with you some the makeup I did for photoshoots.

So far I collaborated mostly with Cristina Venedict and 2 students photographers. I love doing photoshoots, being behind the scenes and seeing how the “art” is made!

My philosophy is to work with what you got, enhance your natural beauty. Don’t try to hide your face behind layers and layers of foundation and what else! Don’t turn makeup into your enemy!

What I like to say to my models or clients who say they’re not beautiful: you’ve got to have at least one thing beautiful!

I actually have an aesthetician and makeup diploma, not only makeup. As I did with PhotoShop, I learned how to apply makeup all by myself way before I decided to take a cosmetics course. Watching tutorials, hunting tips and tricks from all great makeup artists, putting my chemistry and anatomy knowledge to use. And listening to the clients! Be it a photographer, a bride, a simple woman. Listen to their needs and talk to them!

Enough blabbing for today, let’s show a few pictures from some of the photoshoots! All images were taken and edited by Cristina Venedict.







That’s it for today! I hope you enjoyed it! I’ll see you soon. Lots of love,


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