7 Days of Skin Detox

Hello! Today’s post is an update on my skin fast. It passed a week, in which time I haven’t used any moisturizer nor masks. I used the toner that I made myself , like… 3 times and the facial oil (I will post a DIY next week) twice.

This is what my skin looks like so far.

Excuse my hair please, I just washed it and now I let it air-dry.
No editing, no nothing. I really saw an improvement in my skin, I haven’t had any breakout at all this past week.
After I wash my face, it feels dry for about 5-10 minutes, but the discomfort goes away after that. It looks brighter, it’s not that much oil production, even if I have combination skin.

That’s it for today, sorry for the short post, I’ve had quite a rough day… And I had a busy weekend doing makeup for photoshoots so I haven’t had time to prepare…
Now I’m off to watch Harry Potter and do some graphics.

See you next time! Lots of love,


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