Starting The Skin Detox

Hello! Today is the 1st of March, finally! šŸ˜€ And today is the day I start the skin fast *drumrolls*
For the ones who didn’t read my previous post about detoxifying the skin, I will briefly explain here: during 21 days I give up any creams, masks, makeup, makeup remover and allow my skin to renew and heal itself, by itself.

A little bit about my skin. I have combination skin and I started using moisturizers since I was 14-15. I never had a huge problem with acne, just the regular breakouts every now and then, thank God. Instead, I had, and still have a problem with blackheads, especially on my nose and chin. I tried a lot of things, chemical peelings, DIY masks, scrubs, creams, treatments, you name it, and they’re still there… BTW, if you have any recommendation for a good mask or something for getting rid of blackheads, please, let me know!

I usually breakout around my chin area, especially during that time of the month. Otherwise, I have a pretty good skin.

Why I take the fast then, right? Because I want to allow my skin to “think” by itself. And maybe, this way it will clear itself and be healthy and glowing in time for my wedding.

You want to start “experimenting” with clearing your skin at least 4-5 months before your wedding, if not earlier!

The products that I used to use. Please excuse the crappy quality, I took them with my phone, I didn’t have my camera with me.
From left to right: Sebo vegetal purifying scrub by Yves Rocher
Doina moisturizer with vitamins by Farmec
Herbagen makeup remover
Glyco-A 12% chemical peeling from ISIS PHARMA
Gentle Micellar Solution Sublime Fresh from L’oreal
Visible clear pink grapefruit facial wash from Neutrogena
Wrinkles and Radiance – Luminizing eye cream by Yves Rocher
Sebo vegetal mattifying cream by Yves Rocher

These are the products I use regularly. I switched them with some natural, organic toner/cleanser and a serum made from oils. I won’t use them every single day, really, just when I feel like. Water, morning and evening, and blotting my face when I feel it’s too oily. And that’s it!

This is it for today’s post. I wish you a wonderful, blooming spring!
Lots of love,


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