Skin Detox/Fast

Hello, everyone! How are you? Today’s post is about detoxifying the skin using no moisturizer or any creams at all for 21 days. 21 days, because this is the period of time in which the skin renews itself.

What’s this? you may ask.

It’s called the Skin Fast and is like a regular fast for the body, when, for a period of time you stop using certain products in order to clear your body/mind/skin. In this case, you stop using creams, masks, makeup removers/wipes, eye creams etc and let your skin breathe.
This challenge, project or treatment or how you want to call it, was developed by Dr. Terry.

‘By helping the skin to reprogram itself, the skin learns to self heal and restore the natural hydrating properties without being reliant on too many skin care products’.

During this fast you are allowed to use only 3 products, if you can not not use none at all. Gentle cleanser, serum and sunscreen. All suited for your skin type, of course. I’m going to use a cleanser and a serum I will make, something like DIY. (I’ll post the receipts as I move along the fast)

What you have to do during the fast? Rinse the face with water in the morning. Wash with the cleanser in the evening.  Use sunscreen before going out or in the morning. Preferably, don’t use makeup. Apply serum (if you want to use one) before the sunscreen or in the morning.

Why I decided to take the skin fast? I started using moisturizers since I was 14-15, almost 10 years ago, and since then I haven’t stopped. And now I feel like my skin is… “stuffed” with all these products and ingredients and it’s not working by itself anymore, getting lazy and not even trying to renew itself, to heal itself. So, when I heard about this detox program, I was like “Yes, I’m doing it!”. How Dr. Terry says,

By reducing moisturiser, the skin’s natural balance mechanism kicks in and after a few days of adjustment the skin can balance itself.

Also, because I want to have a beautiful, glowing, healthy skin on my wedding day, and for that I have to start now! (if not earlier XD)
I will start on 1st of March and I will post about my progress every week. On the first day, I will also talk a bit about my skin, what products I used and a picture of how it looks. Wish me luck! XD

So, this is it, see you next time!
Lots of love,


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