Tips for picking your wedding day date

Hello! Today I’m going to share with you my tips for picking THE Date! So get your calendars and let’s start picking!

No.1 is pick a season. Do you want it in the summer or spring, maybe you’re an autumn girl or even winter. Just pick your favorite season. This step is key, because then we’ll adjust accordingly if we encounter any problem on that way. Moving on…
No.2 is pick a month. Maybe you want to get married on your birth month, maybe you like April or November. Or maybe you have a superstition and you don’t want to get married on a specific month. For example, I didn’t want to get married in May, even if I love the spring-to-summer weather. I don’t know, it’s just my thing, haha…
No.3 is pick a first date and play around it. What I mean with this is that you pick a date and think about what might happen on that date or even around it. Things like:

Is there any major religious fast that doesn’t allow me to get married on that date (in this case you may have to adjust even the month)? For example, I’m christian and we have 4 major fast in which time we can’t get married.
Then, is something happening in the life of someone close to me around that date that makes his/her coming to the wedding impossible?
After you’ve eliminated all the impediments, think about if you want it to take place on a Sunday or Saturday or whenever.

Then, just pick the date! 😀
I know I had to go through a loooot of changes! I mostly wanted it in the spring time, but I didn’t want it in May and then in June we couldn’t, so we ended up with July. We’re happy anyway! 😀
So these are my tips for picking the big date. Do you have any other tips? Also, when did you pick your date? Let me know, I’ll love to read your comments and chat with other brides/brides-to-be!
See you soon!
Lots of love,


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