What we did so far

Hello, everyone! Today I want to tell you about what we did so far for our wedding.
First of all, at the beginning of February ’14 we booked the venue. For a week or so, we went to different locations, mostly hotels with ballrooms and big restaurants, and talked with the manager, saw the venues.

Then, we decided about one and went on to book it! But, surprise, the date we initially chose was not available anymore! I first wanted the day of 18, but since it was already gone, we settled for 11 July… because we wanted to have it on a Saturday.
A few days later we thought about the music. Since I didn’t participate to many weddings yet (you see, I’m learning the hard way how to organize a wedding!), my fiance did the searching job and just presented to me the options that he got by then. We decided, after listening to them on Youtube, to go with a live band, and so my fiance contacted the main singer and booked them for our wedding.
This was all we did with more than a year before.
By the end of August we, well… mostly out parents, “pushed” us to start thinking about the godparents! My mother thought about 3 couples and mostly about one in particular. But! I wanted to try the other 2 couples first.. I don’t know why, just felt like it. Both couples said no. And since we were quite rushed by the passing time (long story short, I had to go to Germany), we went to the 3rd couple. And they said yes! We were so happy. They are my neighbors, I know them for a long time now, but my fiance didn’t know them, and I was so relieved when he told he’s very happy that they said yes and that he prefers them instead of the first 2 couples.
And, at the beginning of January, we went to book the church.
That’s what we did so far!
Tell me about your stories! How far are you with organizing your wedding? Do you make lists? Tips for organization, not stressing out. I would love to read and learn from you!
Hope you like this post! I’ll see you soon!
Lots of love,


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